Why are people out there to expose people like us who are helping those people out there who are unable to get concert tickets by selling it to them at our means?

The reason why we are jacking up prices is because we need time to queue for that, all the sweat and blood and time and commitment for that to happen, if you think is easy and don’t want to pay higher prices for that, then please keep quiet and stop venting your frustration all over, there will still be people buying it given that it’s a straight fast deal. You want the tickets at reasonable price or cheap, but you don’t want to take the effort to suffer a bit, but not willing to pay others to recognise their pain and efforts in giving you the other opportunity to have it, then just stay at home!

If you are sincere, you will go all out to buy it, and mind you, this is cheap enough already, some of them are selling at $1500 for a pair of CAT 2 tickets and CAT 1 at nearly $2000. We cannot have last minute commitment? Is there anything wrong with last minute? Even if we purposely buy and sell, like I said, we are giving more people a chance to buy it off the shelves as they might have commitments just like you who are unable to queue for the tickets and of cost, that comes with a price.

Please share this up as I want those keyboard warrior or cowered to think twice before making hell of noise.


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