Dear Samsung,

I sent in an email on 22nd Nov 2016. I got an irresponsible reply that not only addressing me as “ms”, but also not even answering to a single point of my complain!

I had indicated CLEARLY that I DO UNDERSTAND that my phone is 1 week out of warranty and I paid $32 for handling fee. The phone was alright, just that the battery is probably depreciated (go from 70% to 0% in 1 min, happened 4-5 times last month) and device is heating up at ridiculously high temperature.

Samsung quoted me $600++ for fixing of battery and LCD. Why LCD, my LCD is
working perfectly? Human with right mind will reject the quotation. SO! I got
back the phone, with huge damage at the corner of my phone. In case you
missed the line again, HUGE PHYSICAL DAMAGE. The metal was FORCE opened,
leaving a super ugly mark behind.

The service center staff told us that, THIS IS NORMAL for repairing. I
understand the “normal standard” refers to losing of data, screen protector,
etc. I didn’t know that physical damage is NORMAL to Samsung too.

Please advise. I repeat, I understand on the warranty issue, I paid for
handling fee, but I didn’t paid for a fee to damage my phone.

Jun Hong
A.S.S. Contributor

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