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“I reported this health hazard problem posed by nuisance birds intruding into hawker centers a year ago to ReachSingapore and the matter was referred to the National Environment Agency. NEA advised that the problem can be resolved by ensuring the cleaners clear the tables of leftovers and scrap food immediately after diners leave their tables.

I am unsure as to whether NEA is monitoring this problem that is going from bad to worse with the introduction of the Return Tray Campaign at hawker centers as these nuisance birds are getting bolder and more daring (view photo) by their constant presence at the these return tray stations.

These birds are so accustomed to the presence of people at most hawker centers that they would just return to hunt for the scrape food just seconds after you chased them away. In addition, these birds are flying overhead inside the hawker centers and some can be seen nesting just above the ceiling structures and occassionally you may come across bird droppings at tables in hawker centers.

I have previously mentioned to NEA that some kopitiams and a food center directly above the Bishan bus interchange have taken the initiative to install nets to prevent birds from flying into their premises, but fallen on silent ears at NEA. Let’s not wait for the next avian flu virus to strike again!”


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