This is no surprise and no coincidence that despite the years of military hardware movement through Hong Kong from Taiwan to Singapore without any issue, the Hong Kong authorities has now taken such drastic and humiliating measures to seize this particular shipment at this time.

The unappreciated loud-mouth of LHL in trying to criticize the Chinese government for something that is not in the purview of LKY’s son has raised the rage of the Chinese government so much so that it has instructed the indefinite confinement of this shipment of military hardware.

The Chinese government has taken unprecedented economic sanctions against South Korea (eradicating South Korea’s lifeline in entertainment and smartphone sectors within China – prompting drastic drops in revenues and shares of South Korea’s chaebols which resulted in the latter’s public disclosures of the ills of the Korean president whom had caused diplomatic rows over military radar installations against the interest of China), and is certainly not going to make LHL’s life easy hereon.

Perhaps it is about time that the most highly over-paid leadership in the world should focused on its domestic matters to make the lives of its every resident better than to try to dabble with international politics which they have always got caught in the end on the wrong side or with their feet in their mouths.

For many who were led to believe that this was only because of paper work errors and that this “shipment to return to Singapore expeditiously,” think again. It is no surprise that all the talk against China’s territorial claim in the South China Sea, why no-involvement of China in TPP, and how the Chinese government should suck their eggs should lead to this kind of Chinese (yes, not Hong Kong) reaction at every chance they can get to embarrass the PAP.

Can expect a lot of kowtows and a lot of patience if MINDEF really want these hardware back.

Max Chew
A.S.S. Contributor

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