Have anyone wondered why concert tickets can be sold out that fast? It’s all
thanks to idiots like this make good advantage of such tickets by buying it
at a lower price but selling it off at a much high price to earn high
profits! One example is the Coldplay concert tickets, their performance
tickets on 1st April 2017 were sold out super fast as well as the last minute
additional show on 31st March 2017. Reason being, the organizers allows each
person to buy up to 8 tickets, which is totally ridiculous! They should have
limit the tickets to only 2 per person and also take down their particulars
on the tickets so that it’s only valid for that particular person. Concert
tickets without purchaser’s names are actually being sold illegally at
websites such as carousell, eBay and HardwareZone etc and people are ripping
off others by selling it at a much higher price!

Such practices have to be put to an end, if not in future, nobody would want
to join the workforce, anyone can just have buy concert tickets in bulk and
do an illegal resale to gain profits!

I hope that organizers of such events will look into this and also I would
like A.S.S to make this post viral to shame those who are selling concert
tickets at higher price to rip off despos, stop giving god damn excuses that
you have got last minute commitment, if you have then why you even buy the
tickets in the first place? You know how many people out there cant get the
tickets because of you? Also if you have last minute commitments and can’t
attend the concert , that doesn’t give you the opportunity to rip off others

Organisers, please comes it with a waiting list system that allows interested
parties to queue in it, in case of any such people with last minute
commitments that warrant them unable to turn up and need to get rid of the
tickets, they can sell back to the organisers or transfer to another person
at a price set by the organiser.

A.S.S. Contributor

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