Dear All Singapore Stuff,

I witness suicide this morning, traumatised

Hi guys, hoping someone can relate to this kind of incident and advise me how to get over it

what happened…

this morning 7+am woke up to go toilet pang dio, just nice toilet is occupied so sit outside the living room to wait for toilet, then start playing on my phone

suddenly, corner of my eye saw a piece of clothing fall, i thought the falling speed might be abit fast, got a shooo sound, might be a person, tell myself; no lah, its just a piece of clothing, get back to my phone, around 2 secs later, thump!! tio chua…

stand up and walk to the window, peep out…

what i saw in order
a chunk of flesh….
2nd chunk of flesh…

wah lau, really a body, immediately tarik back, my mind was like WTFWTFWTF…
use the phone which was still in my hand to dial 999

hello police, someone commit suicide. give address, then the operator ask me
guy or girl, i say sorry, i’m not gonna see one more time now…. then they
say okay, will send someone down now…

after like few minutes later, finally gain enough courage to look down again
to see the whole thing again to conquer my fear…

it’s an ah pek in white hair, blood all over, two pcs of flesh i think should
be intestine, head and body severed, only left abit is still attached to neck

jitao become full awake from a semi sleepy, total received 5 calls from scdf,
spf, cid, and mata and cid came up 2 times to take statement from me…..
didnt disclose anything as they can’t say.

after that jitao wash up, went to nearby temple to bai bai… proceed to

but throughout the day, the scene keep flashing over my mind

i knew that i was the only person to to see that particular moment, which
made it even worse

taken half day leave and went home, till now still feels traumatized
like sibeh blank except the scene i saw keep repeating in my mind.

checking if anyone can help me with some advise to get over this.

PS: didn’t took any picture cos i feel that it’s a disrespect to the
deceased, let him leave with peace. rip ah pek.

A.S.S. Contributor

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