Incident: I used the app to asked for a hitch driver at around 10-11am today 24/11/16.

Dear Editors,

Steven showed up, while I was walking to the car, he opened the front passenger seat, i thought that there was someone in the front. As per usual, i went to the backseat. I’ve took Grabhitch countless times and there wasn’t any issues with me sitting at the backseat.

Steven immediately said, “Hey sit infront, I’m not a driver. ‘At that point in time I was a little confused, and he sounded mildly aggressive, so i joked with him. and said ‘haha I’ve been sitting behind all this while i think its normal. He proceeded to reiterate that there’s a difference between grabhitch and grab drivers. Because he owned the car, he demanded more respect. At that moment, i was dumbfounded, i didn’t know how to react to this, so i mentioned again that I’ve been sitting in the backseat for hitch rides all this while.

At no point in time was i disrespectful or rude towards Steven in my language, tone, or body gesture. He drove out me out of the carpark, while we were on the road, he changed his mind. He said.” since you think its okay to sit behind, then i don’t want to pick you up, get off my car.’ i was dumbfounded. And appalled by his attitude. He charged me 7 dollars, the ride wasn’t cancelled but i got kicked off his car.

Of course, I tried to pursue the matter and contacted him. If you’re reading this Mr Steven and feel like I was at fault, feel free to contact me. We all know who was at fault here. I paid you money (not that it’s a big deal, but it’s still paying for a service, grabhitch or not. I don’t deserved to be disrespected like this. If you found it disrespectful for me to take the backseat, you could have been more polite in asking instead of being passive aggressive. At the end of the day, when you wanted to kick me off the ride, I offered to sit infront to comply, but you were having none of it.)

A.S.S. Contributor

Pissed off rider

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