From his self-constructed pulpit, our mee siam no cockles PM must be a joke unto itself whenever he lectures superpowers.

Speaking to reporters after the APEC summit, PM Lee said that “a sense of identity and togetherness must be developed in Singapore to avoid deep social divides”.link He was referring to UK’s Brexit referendum and US presidential election.

But how does PM Lee develop a sense of identity by diluting our national identity where true blue Singaporeans will be below 40% of the population in 2030?

Can Singapore avoid deep social divides with PAP’s us-versus-them policies? Is there togetherness in a society with one of the highest income disparity in the world?

Was PM Lee talking about another country or Singapore?

PM Lee: “Such divides should not be allowed to widen and split the society, as rebuilding those bridges would be very difficult”. However, PAP’s policies pit locals against foreigners by giving away local jobs, offer full scholarships worth hundreds of million$ annually to foreigners, etc.

How could “such divides should not be allowed to widen” when they have already been widening for years?

Worse, society is now even more divided – along racial lines – with PAP reserving the 2017 presidency for Malay candidates only.

Our flame-proof PM wasn’t pai seh and even lectured politicians who are running countries 13,000 times bigger than Singapore on what they should have done.
PM Lee: “Globalisation, Rust Belt problems, the uncertainty of jobs…real problems people feel. You have to address them, you have to make people not only deal with the problems but make people feel that their concerns have been heard and are being attended to.”

But over in his own Singapore, regular and worsening major MRT disruptions is now the norm, the CPF scheme continues to fail retirees, a disproportionate amount of retirement funds continue to be channelled into housing, income inequality has remained high, the number of elderly citizens doing menial jobs is increasing, etc.

Isn’t it amazing that PM Lee has not been able to address our own issues but saw it fit to lecture others on the need to address theirs? .

PM Lee’s unsolicited ‘advice’ would mean the need for democratic countries to adopt PAP’s authoritarian system lock, stock and barrel. Their free press would have to be muzzled, failure within the public service will be unaccountable, transparency will be minimal, etc. This is impossible and none of the APEC countries will be able to adopt a system remotely similar to our pseudo democracy.

PM Lee couldn’t resist the ultimate insult: “You have to work together, you have to work hard. The Government must have policies which generally will be working for people.”

It’s actually a disgrace to have such a leader like PM Lee who clearly does not know where he stands. A country which recently turned 50 lecturing others who could be our great grand ancestors many centuries older?

If PAP has implemented policies which generally will be working for people, why fear increasing ministerial salaries which have been stagnant the past 5 years? If policies have worked why does PAP need to control MSM to disseminate propaganda?

I hope some civil servants will have the guts to point out to PM Lee that it is not his job, and not in Singapore’s interest, to lecture others while our chronic issues remain unresolved. Or he risks becoming a laughing stock.

A.S.S. Contributor

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