Hi Scoot,

I was denied my booked seats (that I’ve paid in advance for) for my trip from Osaka to Singapore on 18 Nov. Shouldn’t the seats be blocked off once I have already booked them, and also, matched to my booking details when I’m checking in?

Despite showing the ground staff my email itinerary that clearly stated my booked seats, the ground staff simply retorted, “You should have told us earlier.” How is it my fault when your booking system is not aligned with that of whatever system is being used on ground overseas.

Instead of having the silent zone seats (7A, 7B) that we have paid for, we were thrown to row 25. What really took the cake was that the blame was shifted to us, with no apology given except having told that they could not do anything and all we can do is contact Scoot when we get back. Very helpful.

To summarise, we would like to have the seat selection fee refunded, in cash and not Scoot credits.

Also, tried calling your hotline but was put on hold for quite a while. As such, please get in contact with me via FB or email soon. The booking reference no. provided to me is G1IKTL, hopefully it’s the same number registered in your system.


Winifred Seto

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