A reader shared this story with us.

I was at Khatib doing my delivery for Faz Fragrances perfumes to one of my business agents earlier. I saw this 85 years old Pakcik who was staying in Woodlands with a friend travelled all the way to Khatib just to meet a friend but his friend would only be there at 6pm.

While waiting for his friend, he was wondering around to beg for money but people ignored him. I saw him looking through his bag for money but only had few cents left and an EZLink card. I approached him and asked him if he had his meals. He did not have his meals since morning. I brought him to Teh Tarik in Khatib and ordered him his meal, 2 pieces of Prata Kosong and Teh-O less sugar. He managed to finished his Prata Kosong though and broke in tears.

Seeing him in such situation, I felt sad and wish more support should be rendered to those elderly like this Pakcik. I had a brief conversation with him and felt so touched and sympathized with his situation.

Oh Allah, The Most Merciful; please protect this Pakcik and all the other elderly people with tough situtations. Please do protect our parents and family from the harsh situations. Please do give the strength to all Mankind who faces difficulties the strength to overcome their problems.

Mohamed Fazli Bin Talip

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