I would like A.S.S to share this post up as I am totally pissed with cheapos.

Always only want to ask for promotion and yet want fresh. Let me share my experiences. I am currently working as a full time taxi driver for close to 9 months after I left my previous job as a restaurant manager, but will be heading back to work as a manager in some F&B outlet somewhere early next year.

In my previous restaurant that I worked with, I will come across some customers, not to be racist, but southern Indian ladies and some locals always want to come and ask for promotions while making payment after dining, and often you will see them using expired vouchers, as in 1 or 2 days due after expiry date and these jerks will always force us to honour it. Some even try to make full use of these promotional discounts.

I had once remembered a local lady came to dine in my restaurant and the bill in total was $48.90, so what she did was, she used all 5 pieces of her $10 discount voucher and when I told her that she can only use one voucher per
bill she told me to split out the bill into 5. Upon hearing this, I wanted to wallop her already but in order not to create an ugly scene, I told my staff to have her whatever she wants and my boss knew about it, my boss told us that next time make things difficult for this kind of customers. Another example would be whenever there is student promotion at bubble tea shops, customer will have to furnish their student ID to enjoy the offer, so what these smart alecs will do is to either get their friend whom is a student to buy the drink for them or another is to borrow or use their own outdated student ID to get away with it, and they always target those newbies or foreign talents at the counter as their unfamiliarity while make their student IDs honoured anyway.

And presently, as a taxi driver, I have encountered a few instances of such cheapos. Whenever a promotion that have been fully redeemed, like the free taxi and no booking fee or the ComfortDelGro’s promotion, they will keep trying their luck and some even called for a cab at a location where it is hard to get a camp, and they will by all means hide somewhere out of sight and when you are there, it’s either they will cancel the booking and pretend to be a street fare or they will ask you to waive the booking fee with all sorts of god damn reasons. Some can even say, “you are making lotsa money in a day, what is this small amount to you, if you are not happy, then quit la”. And like it or not, these are the people that will underpay bus and train fares too.

My message to these rascals is that you want cheap, everyone else want it too, but stop making service providers a fool. You may think that the discount has got no impact to these providers, but imagine if every or does the same? Then how you expect these providers to survive? Just put yourselves in our shoes, how would you feel if someone else does the same thing?

I hope these cheapos will start to do some soul searching before getting into trouble elsewhere because in other countries, people don’t talk with mouth, but with punches, in case if they still repeat such tactics in these countries, don’t cry when they come back with bruises or broken tooth or limbs or even bruises. Don’t say nobody warn you ah cheapos!

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