This is a complain regarding on the service provided by IKEA.

IKEA never accomplish what it promises to its customer. Hence, disappoints me and my family.

We ordered a closets with 200cm in length. However, during the installation, two of it wood are cracked which leads to only half of the closet are fix and the other half needed to reschedule. After the person who has finishes installing half of the closet he prepared to leave without giving us any instruction on the other half which was not set up.

Hence, we have to call IKEA personally to ask when are they sending the other half to complete my closet.

We spend more than 30mins to get through the first call. It seems that they has no sense of urgency.

I need to get my closet to be fixed before I can shift in my beds and desk according to my plan. So I can start studying for my exams. However, the answer I got from them is they will only come to reinstall the remaining half closet the day after.

I requested to install on the same day, and I don’t mind to stay up late just to get my room tidy up. But they rejected me, talk very loudly that that’s the best they can do for us and hang up the call. Is that how IKEA contact center works? Then tell me who will be willing to call them if they need to be assist.

With such rude service provided by IKEA do you think the customer will be so stupid and go back to purchase your product again? Think again, no customer equals to no sales. No sales how are you going to receive your salaries?

If you don’t like your job, you can choose to quit, no point turning your anger to us as a loyal customer.

Then the following day they came to reinstall the other half of the closets. Some of the wood chipped off again! Deflect item again! But I don’t have much time to continue this game anymore. I am already badly hurt by the services and product by you IKEA.

How can I trust your product again? Twice and twice is the same deflects items. Don’t you guys check your product before you delivery? I don’t know, I just can’t get over this simple thinking of yours.

If you guys don’t want a customer to complain on your goods/services, then jolly well check your products before you delivery to reduce the level of complaints got from the consumer which might directly affect your relationship between others customers.

In addition, if you guys have checked, such thing will not happen, and I will be satisfied and more than delightful to have you as a service provider.

Unfortunately, with high hope and expectations, it has badly damaged my impression of IKEA. P.S. Don’t mind me if I gonna spread the negative word of mouth.

Staff are also not well trained, nail are found on the floor. What happens if my family members stepped on the sharp nail? Are IKEA going to be responsible? Or my house infant/pet pick it up and eats it unknowingly? Do your staffs actually knows the consequences?

In conclusion, with deflects products multiple times, call centre not willing to help, long delays and untrained staffs, I conclude and state clearly on my reasons why we shouldn’t use your service anymore and you has loss a loyal customers.

Thank you

So Baek Jun
A.S.S. Contributor

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