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We should be happy for the boyfriend… I think.

“You know it’s true love when you find yourself rejecting the advances of eligible admirers/suitors when your boyfriend is just an average student.

Over the past year, I’ve rejected a charismatic high-ranking banker, a tall and good-looking engineer who works in one of the top oil and gas companies, a start-up business owner who graduated with first class honous from a top business school, a cute doctor from a very rich family and a management consultant from one of the top consulting firms. I wouldn’t say it was easy to turn down their advances. In fact I was very tempted to go out with them cos afterall I’m just a human; I have desires too.

But, a relationship is a commitment. It is probably 90% of hardwork and 10% of romantic feelings. It is not supposed to be just a lot of fun and excitement. It is about consciously putting in the effort to love your partner.

And love is a choice. Love is not just about having butterflies in your stomach or swooning over that cute crush of yours. I think that is probably just infatuation. Love is a choice; you have to choose to love your partner through the tough times and commit to working things out.

And the best way to love someone is actually very simple. Just be kind; be respectful, supportive and understanding. Treat your partner the way you treat your family or best friend. No matter what flaws your family or best friend has, you don’t simply give up on your family or best friend, right? And instead, you try to work things out or just let the conflict or argument pass and continue to love them. Just be kind to the people around you, things will never go wrong that way.”

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