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“A stealing case.

I shopped at Watsons Northpoint to purchase ACCUCHEK Performa Strips. I bought 3 boxes on offer for $129.
Its my fault too, for not checking my items purchased before i leave the store. I came home without the item (circled in red).

I called Watsons Northpoint at 716pm to inform them that I forgotten to collect the item. Watson Store Manager only ask for WHAT TIME and WHAT ITEM i purchased. I wasnt given the opportunity to describe myself like what I wore that time, or my name (Since i am using a Watsons Member’s card, definitely my name is scanned in the system).

Manager called me back and said confidently that I have took my item but i reiterated that it was not with me. I told them i was already on my way back to Northpoint. While on the way, i Suspected they mistook me to another person.

To cut incident short, my instint was right. When i checked the CCTV together with pharmacist, to my astonishment, the lady on my left took the item blatantly! Not even the cashiers spotted her doing so, because one was attending to something on the left, while the other was on the right. And i cant remember what i was attending to when the incident happened.

The least they said to me was, sorry.

But when I asked to know whether it will be a Police Case, manager said, “oh, its confidential.”

Nevermind. Its not confidential now. I snapped a picture of this lady.”

Rin Riali

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