A reader shared this post with us.

“My Korean friend got a shock when he visited Singapore after more than 10 years.

He last visited Singapore in 2005 and was impressed with the efficiency of our public transport and good and cheap food.

When he visited Singapore last week, he got stunned at how bad Singapore has become just after 10 years.

1) Expensive but poor and bad tasting street and restaurant food. He always thought Singapore is well known for cheap but good street food.

2) Atrocious MRT frequency and random breakdowns. With mountain people. He still thought that our MRT has the 2-3 min frequency 10 years ago, and still have reasonable privacy space inside the carriages. Now he say this is worse than Tokyo peak hours.

3) Increasingly dirty and over crowded public spaces. He thought that Singapore still maintained its cleanliness. But now toilets are dirty, gardens are littered and everywhere is just so crowded.

He now understands why the world is saying that Singapore is in serious decline and in trouble when LKY is gone.”

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