All my brothers,sisters & friends please do help me look out for a guy name JEFFREY SOH staying at 50 bedok #05-2** (Last known address). As one of my friend is looking for his long lost blood brother! He last seen him when he was 6 years old. But the last info he got recently was his younger brother staying at bedok area with a malay family. As my friend wants to know what had happen to his biological mom! Cause today he just got informed that his mom had passed away 2 years ago and the mom’s ashes was threw into sea as the brother mentioned that “四海为家”. He wants to know which sea the mom ashes were threw!

Please do pm me or Wilson Soh ( if you guys have any little info.

His brother shall be 21 years old this year!

P.s: although not much info but help to share ard and at least there is a little hope.

Thank you guys for helping and sharing ard. Will be deeply appreciated!

Sorry for the tagging, but please do help to make this viral and hope he can find his brother soon!

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