In Parliament, aren’t we supposed to see robust debates and efforts to improve the policies? Instead, we see half empty, listless or sleeping MPs. Why are we paying $16000? Why are we paying so much to see them say YES and focusing on attacking opposition instead of robust debates to improve policies and our lives?

My friends, if you are free, go look at this list online, you will see the Government Linked Companies which are monopolies in Singapore and look at how much the CEOs are paid.

Remember, SMRT CEO is also paid astronomically for monopoly on transport. There is no competition, they only have to address commuters’ headache but still could not deliver. Why are we paying ministers so much when they cannot even solve simple problems such as train breakdowns?

What I want to say, these supposedly privatized companies are actually government companies who are providing basic or essential services to public. There is virtually no competition for most of them, so why are them paid astronomically? To me, they are not CEOs, they are actually civil servants, appointed by the regime to run.

“Privatised” is a b***s*** terminology or camouflage to justify their high prices, when it is in reality a govt company which monopolies the market and milk maximum profits from public which is considered easy feat. So why are we paying these “civil servants” millions?

Do you agree?

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