Trump: US to quit TPP trade deal on first day in office – BBC News

1. PM Lee should know when to cut loss and move on, instead of misleading Singaporeans on a US(e)-less TPP (TPP without the US).
2. We can still have free trade without TPP, without pissing off Trump, without pissing off China. We can be pro-somebody but not at the expense of others, that’s basic Diplomacy 101.
3. The sooner PM replaces the Cold War relics in MFA and government think tanks, the better for Singapore. He should cast his net wide. There are many talented Singaporeans outside the government who can give fresh perspectives.
4. PM needs to act fast like Trump. Or step down if he is too proud or too tired to change. Let one of his deputies take over. Leadership succession means passing the baton to a suitable successor, not necessarily to a younger generation.
5. The world has fallen out of love with youth culture and now embraces older people like Trump, May and even Merkel with 55% currently in favour of her continuing for a fourth term of office.
6. Let the young fight for their right to lead like Justin Trudeau, David Cameroon and Barack Obama did, rather than have leadership given to them on a silver platter.
7. Fight and triumph like Trump. Then they get our respect.

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