An 18 year-old student was molested by a man at the NTU Hall of Residence 1 along Nanyang Circle on 4 November, the police said in a statement. The 31 year-old man was arrested last Friday.

The man was not an NTU student. He was charged with outrage of modesty a day after his arrest, which carries a penalty of jail between 2 and 10 years and caning.

Prior to this, Hall 1 residents had lodged 3 separate reports of an unknown masked man loitering around Hall grounds and attempting to enter rooms.

An NTU student told the Nanyang Chronicle, the school’s newspaper, that she had encountered the masked man on 16 Nov when she was awakened to the sound of someone standing near her bed at 5.30AM. When she got up, the masked man immediately tried to hide beside her chair when she sat up.

As there had been a black out in the hall, she shone her handphone torch at the intruder and confronted him. The man lied and told her he was a security personnel before slipping away.

The Nanyang Chronicle says it could not confirm if the masked man was the same as the 31 year-old who was arrested.

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