Dear Editor,

I still see girls posting about why our government is better than most countries and they blindly thank the PAP for that. They act intellectual and criticize opposition as unqualified people who shit on Singapore’s achievements and then say they support PAP because they are pro Singapore.

They say “I love my Singapore, I love my PAP”

Really makes me irritated to see all this crap. Since when is our government better than most countries? We are heading into a recession and our PM did not even have the foresight that Trump might be elected, so he bet the TPP on Clinton winning. Rather than create new jobs and opportunities for locals, he is desperately trying to salvage the TPP. Furthermore our jobs are being stolen by cheap foreigners from poorer countries. There are more social problems than ever before.

Do you hear Americans say “I love my America, I love the Democratic Party”?!

Do you hear Indians say “I love my India, I love the Congress Party”?!

Do you hear Taiwanese say “I love Taiwan, I love the Kuomintang”?!

All these countries do not have citizens who equate nationalism to the original ruling party. In fact, the ruling party lost recently in all these countries and life still goes on.

Singapore is more than the PAP. If the PAP loses, the civil servants will still do the jobs that they are paid to do. Life still goes on, even with a new political party in charge. However, we know it is unrealistic that Singapore will ever change government anytime soon.

If the PAP loses a couple of seats, does it mean that Singaporeans have become less patriotic? Sadly, many daft sinkies think so.

A.S.S Contributor

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