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A Juying secondary school student’s private video showing her removing her shirt and bra and rubbing her underdeveloped breasts and nipples was leaked online by her ex-boyfriend. Thankfully, her face is not shown in the video.

The video can be found here:

It has also been shared on an infamous Singapore sex site which MDA has recently banned access to.

It is very troubling that girls these days are so willing and eager to take nude videos for their boyfriends. I understand that the girls are undergoing puberty and feel horny, but they need to know that boys are more than happy to take advantage of them. After giving the boyfriend the nude video as a gift, what is there to stop him from leaking the video once he gets the sex he wants and is done with their relationship?

The girl should be counselled by school authorities and made to understand the error of her ways. Is it too much to ask that girls should value their modesty these days?

I also hope that the police will step in and arrest the boyfriend. He has outraged her modesty and should pay for his crimes. MOE should also ensure that schools put more emphasis on sex education to deter underage sex crimes.

Garry Lim
A.S.S. Contributor

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