I called up MOM today to seek further understanding of the below knowing I am
not covered under the employment act.

I was terminated by my ex-employer. The truth is they get rid of me to cover
up some dishonest acts and cut costs. I feel so cheated by this dishonest
company that my country is qualifying them to lots of schemes and subsidies.
In both my employment or termination letter, they did not state when I will
be getting my final salary after the termination. I am now worried the
employer will drag my salary payment.

MOM agent who took my call informed me I have to seek advice from employer or
legal advice. Perfectly understand, the agent is just only doing their job by
telling me this.

This is what was left to me after the MOM call. I need some serious advice
here. Please comment whether the below statement is correct or wrong legally.
“Company only has to pay employees’ CPF and able to get away without paying
for employee who earns $4500 and above. Employees has to accept the fate of
not being paid when employees find it not worth(involving legal fees more
than $4500) or cannot afford to seek legal advice after employees’ leaving.”

From my understanding, unions will not really help either in such cases due
to out of employment act coverage. TAFEP’s existence only to advice employers
to practice fair employment and has no power to influence much.

I am doubting my role as a Singapore citizen. I pay my tax and contribute to
my country when I am in a job. Sadly when one is out of job, there are so
minimum help one can get.

A.S.S. Contributor

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