The worst delivery courier I ever encountered, NINJA VAN. It basically Ninja off to nowhere.

I made a purchase via Lazada on 11 Nov. It was mentioned the delivery will be between 12 Nov and 16 Nov. As I visit Ninja Van website regularly to keep track of my items, I could see the dates they estimated to deliver. The estimated date changes daily. From 12 Nov to 14Nov, 15 Nov, 16 Nov, 17 Nov and 18 Nov.

Due to the constant changes of estimated delivery date, I decided to call the
customer service on 15 Nov. The customer service claimed that delivery will
be done on 16 Nov.

On 16 Nov, I received a message from Ninja Van claiming that they will do a
delivery. Not long later, I received a phone call from the delivery man. I
told him to come after 4pm and he acknowledged. At 7pm, no parcel arrived. I
decided to give the customer service a call. The customer service claimed
that they will do the delivery after 4pm on 17 Nov. I accepted. In addition,
the customer service claimed that I should not receive the message on 16 Nov
as there is no intention of deliver. Wow…

On 17 Nov 10am, I received a phone call from another delivery man. I told him
that I have informed the customer service to deliver only after 4pm. He
claimed that he knew nothing and referred me to the customer service again. I
called the customer service immediately and they claimed that they will do
the delivery on 17 Nov after 4pm. At 7pm, no parcel arrived. I gave the
customer service a call, and they said that delivery will be done on 18 Nov
and have arranged a 6pm to 9pm slot. However, the “estimated chance” of
delivery is 60%-70%. The customer officer guaranteed delivery by Saturday.

On 18 Nov, I received the message that delivery will be done. But, no phone
calls received. I called he customer service hotline at 9pm and they claimed
that delivery will be done on 19 Nov.

Called the customer service hotline on 19 Nov again. They guaranteed delivery
between 4pm and 10pm. However, at 4.30pm, I checked the website and they
changed the date to 20 Dec.

1. They have bad softwares. They claimed that no message is sent to me on 16
Nov, but I did.

2. I am fine with a later date delivery, but not when the company promised
and failed to keep up.

3. Ninja Van claimed that they are many sales going on. Hence, unable to
deliver well. Then, why did they even accept delivery in the first place.

4. I urge all online websites and companies not to allow this company to do
delivery for you. This is because they failed their mission and will lead
your company losing your customers in the long run.

Angry Customer
A.S.S. Contributor

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