Ninja Van treat me like a fool.

I have a parcel with Ninja Van. They Promised to send it on 16/11/16 but in the end they did not sent my parcel. So, I called up and checked. They said they Have arranged the driver to sent it on 17/11/16.

I have been waited for e whole afternoon, I did not receive any message from the driver that they will sent my parcel. So, I called up again. After a Long wait, managed to speak to e customer service, and told me that my parcel still in warehouse! But, they said they will sent!

So I wait. After 2 hours later, still did not receive any message from the driver. Really feel very frustrated! So I called the customer service again. After 10 mins later, managed to speak to one of the staff. She told me due to emergency they can’t sent my parcel today and has arrange on 18/11/16.

At that time, I really angry and don’t know what to say!! Really treat me like a fool! So, I asked to speak to the person in charge or manager on that day. He promised me that he will arranged the parcel to be sent out in e morning before 12pm. So, I trusted him.

This morning, 18/11/16, I called up and just to make sure they sent my parcel on time. The staff told me is already sent out! At 12:45pm, I called up again as I did not receive my parcel. The staff told me that the parcel is still at their warehouse. Asked to speak to the manager, they said manager not in the office, asked to speak to any Person In Charge, also not in the office!

The best is she said “wait” and in the end she did not come back to me and let me listen to music for 15mins! So rude! I really give up and really feeling hopeless!!

Anyone has bad experience with NinjaVan before?

A.S.S. Contributor

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