I am a Singaporean Indian. There has been numerous such accidents on the road & such videos have been being posted all the time..If it was a chinese regardless of where he is from; no racist comment would have commented. The person in the BMW is a Indian from India. What disheartens me is the comments that openly discriminate all Indians regardless of where there are from.. This is a multinational country; well, we claim it is… Yet, its so sad that words such as “pundek” & “keling” are used & such comments are further supported & have numerous likes… Is this what Singapore has become? & the ones who commented such are the ones with anonymous accounts. Whats worst is the likes that supported those comments. We discriminate Trump 1000s of miles away; but Im sure such personality would be elected president in out country if given the choice. Well done Singapore; you’ve given the Singapore pledge no meaning.

& the new comment says ” Indian piece of garbage” If you think this should be brought up, please do. Im a citizen of singapore. Please read thru comments & if you think its right, pleas let people know. I dont want to discriminate or pinpoint anyone. I just want people to knwo that racism still exist. We discriminate trump 1000s of miles away. But yet, Now i see why he won cause if such person with such personality were to stand for presidency, he would have won in singapore. its so saddening.

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The video of the rude a88h8le BMW driver can be viewed here:

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