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wanna share something about grab car service,
This morning I used grabcar for my mum, she is going to airport,
1)this driver burhanuden bin razali(SLF705B) saw me and my mum carry a big suitcase, he did not give a hand to help, he don’t even open the trunk
2)before I left, I informed him to help my mum to carry suitcase down and he said ok(I did not send my mum to airport, just grab the car for her), when my mum reached airport, I called her to confirm everything, she said he did not help again until my mum ask,
3)she pay for $17 for the ride, and the worst thing is, when I received the e-receipt, it shows $17-$5(promotion), but he still took my mum for $17, how can this driver need this $5 money more than his integrity??
Please share this with everyone! Thanks

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