Dear A.S.S,

I had a very bad experience once with the Nurses and Doctors at Baby & Child Clinic @ Tampines 828.

The nurses were all so rude, especially the Malay Nurse when she attend to Chinese Patients but she seems to be very friendly when she serves Malay Patients. She will answers all the questions rudely as if we are asking those obvious questions. Dr Ho, a super rude and rough Doctor. The 1st time I went was when my daughter was having diarrhea, the way she answered and tells me what to do was in a very rude manner. So I told myself I will not go back to the PD again.

Yesterday I went back there in the afternoon again, because the PD nearby doesnt open in the afternooon. The Malay nurse served me again, so she asked if I brought the clinic card, I flipped through the Health Booklet only saw the other clinic card, she wanted that card for reference. As my book is closed and Im carrying my girl, she uses her finger to flip through the book page by page as though the book is poisoned! She dont even want to help me to take the card out.

Waited for 15mins and it was my turn. Went in to the room, doctor was polite in the 1st few mins.

Next moment, to my horror, she carried my girl, forced her down on the bed.

She called one nurse to come in Both adults forcing my baby down on the bed, the nurse was using her elbow and arm and pin her down at her chest and she using her body to force me away from the bed, the doctor was using her elbow and arm at my girl’s leg so she really cant move at all. Are all PD the same?

My girl is crying so badly and at the moment I really feel like flared up at them. She cried till her face were all red and swollen.

When you asked Dr Ho questions, she will tell you off.

After consulting, we waited 45 mins for the medicine.

Reached home, read up the reviews of this Clinic and saw a few bad reviews.

We will definitely not going back there again.

The doctor and nurses were all too impatient for a baby clinic with all the worried parents.

A.S.S Contributor

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