In the wake of growing world disaffection with all things Global that benefit only the few at the top will the PAP stop to think about this in the Singapore context?.
Will the team that pushes the TTP (A Globalist Trade Pact), that thinks you can live on $1,000 a month while themselves drawing Million dollar salaries and, so far, is only contributing to increased financial pressures and costs of living with raised prices, mismanaged investments and breaking down services etc actually recognizes that they too are on the same path?

At some point token gestures like a few cents off a bus fare or a few hundred dollars for a pensioner can’t paper over the cracks. You need concrete policies for a balanced society and be prepared to truly invest in your people for the country to move forward in a meaningful way. That requires a change of thinking which focuses on the people and not self protection and adopting a servant mentality and not a master one.

The old PAP had a young country and internal struggles to contend with but now we have grown the new PAP should be changing with the times and the maturity of the nation. Sadly the elected president issue is just another example of how an out of touch self focused government thinks it can mollify the ground with lame justifications while ramming through policies clearly with its own and not the peoples interests at heart so the prognosis is not good.

However I still hope that the more progressive and the younger PAP members can talk some sense in to the fearful elders but failing that then Singaporeans will have to start taking more self responsibility and build a true alternative to replace the current administration if it refuses to change and continues to have policies to control everything for its own ends rather than grow the nation for the benefit of all.

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