A group raffles jc boys and girls sit at junction 8 mcd talk so loud.

Say what WP performance in Parliament cannot make it. Got one guy even say his debate skills better than all WP members combined. Then say PAP is actually doing a good job, maintaining good balance dunno what fiscal and monetary policies.

Those si ginnas all ang mo so slang think they very atas. Lol. Feel like telling them to diam diam, what do they know about politics? A few years later, they grow up, they will know fts stealing all their jobs, that time then i talk politics with them.

Si ginnas. Need a wake up call for them. So young easy brain wash , believe everything 154 media writes, become PAP dogs. Worrying signs.

What u think? How to let ginnas better understand the real world? How to prevent ginnas getting brainwash by 154 media?

A.S.S. Contributor

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