Going for the graduation ceremony is a fun experience for many university, ITE and polytechnic students.

However, some students encountered unscrupulous and overbearing vendors who rent them graduation gowns, only to charge them excessively for alleged “damages” to the gowns.

The problem has been going on for some years, says insiders, and they suspect that one or two unethical vendors may be behind the unhappy incidents.

A reader shared this post from the NUS confessions page which reflected this allegedly widespread problem.

“To all who are graduating and will be renting the gown, hat and whatsoever, when u get your stuff, pls check for any holes, scratches, stains even a loose string coming off when u get them from the coop staff. Cause some poor souls here just experienced the most niao checkers and forced to pay for the damage of the gown despite the damage has been there all along.

Some advice here:

1) CHECK your stuff on the spot carefully. Check every spots even the inside. Change immediately if u spot even a scratch.

2) BEFORE u return the gown, check and cut any coming off thread. Cause the bloody niao staff sees this will try to put fault on u and make u buy the gown.

3) POINTED graduation hat, if they found one of the four corners are folded/dog ear(even u dont see that, but according to their “standard”, there is) or the hat is not flat(their “standard” of course), they will make u buy that stupid hat.

4) If they found any faults and ask you to payback for the damage, pls dun pay. Just pack all the things back, say u not returning loudly, turn and leave.

These vendors will try any means to make you buy the gown accessories, even it is not your fault or the damage is already there when u collect.”

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