Politicians insult the intelligence of Singaporeans on a daily basis. Hundreds of such lines have been recorded to date, more being produced every day. Even the 154th newspapers are joining in. But today, we’re going to just take a look at the top of the list, insults so damn obvious, you’ll feel stupid listening.

The Top 5 Lines ever:

Number 5):

Someone give this guy a medal. He single-handedly made sure that every
Singaporean could afford to get a car, right?! Not even LKY would dare to
make such an arrogant statement!

Number 4):
Rise in major breakdowns but MRT gets more reliable.

OH! More breakdowns, more reliable! That makes so much sense! No wonder our
first world transport is so reliable!

Number 3):
Foreigners help create good jobs for Singaporeans.

Oh really! Is that why there is a 99.7% foreigner employment rate in 2015?
Out of the 31,800 jobs created, only 100 or 0.3% were taken up by
Singaporeans and PR with the rest by foreign workers and domestic workers.

Oh wait, it’s actually 700. Don’t want to be accused of painting alarmist
pictures now, do we? Even though the figures came direct from here:

Number 2):
You need a very small space to have sex.

Have you ever thought about family planning? Have you ever wondered how you
will raise a child without a HDB flat? Well, with just this brilliant answer,
all your problems are now solved.

And now, to the top of the list….

Number 1):
Even if you earn below $1,000, but hold a stable job and contribute to CPF
regularly, you can still afford a two-room flat.

This line literally grabs a Singaporean by the balls, then gives him one
tight slap across the face.

Any Singaporean actually born, living and working in Singapore, would be able
to tell you how full of crap this statement is. Of course it’s easy for
someone earning hundred times said amount to say something like this.

To quote Mr Brown. “Sure, buy flat on a $1k salary a month. Just don’t
renovate, don’t furnish, don’t eat, don’t turn on the lights, don’t flush the
toilet, don’t even take a shit.”

Honarary Mention:
Bus fares will be affordable if raised.

Angry Citizen
A.S.S. Contributor

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