The PAP has gotten worse since the last GE!

One of the most recent landmarks in the Singaporean political calendar was the ‘watershed elections’ of 2011. The term watershed was used because it seemed highly probable at that point in time that the PAP would lose several GRCs. Lee Hsien Loong even apologised and cried in public.

The key question is this: How has the PAP changed for the better since then? The clear and simple answer is that the PAP is back to their own arrogant ways and Singaporeans are not going to benefit from this! Let me give you some examples to illustrate.

In 2011, they promised to work harder and apologised for their mistakes, mainly due to a liberal immigration policy and an infrastructure which did not keep up. 5 years later, they have come up with arrogant tactics and a completely befuddling “ownself-check-ownself” governing philosophy.

We have seen numerous cases of lack of transparency in recent times, including the Hep C outbreak at SGH which was not made public until a later stage, we had the case where residents in Sengkang felt cheated after plans to build a columbarium was labelled as a ‘temple’ instead.

When the trains have new problems such as mysterious ‘signalling fault’, there was no sound or trace of apology from their favourite fixer Khaw Boon Wan. Instead, he chose to pretend that everything was fine, celebrating openings and gatherings on his Facebook page.

Looking at the by-election of 2016 (which was caused in part because of the actions of their own MP), ministers and even junior MPs took the liberty to ‘whack’ their opponent’s character. When another by-election took place 3 years before, they resorted to no such thing with Lee Li Lian.

Their jokes even continued abroad! Mainstream media was so proud that Pinky got invited to a US State dinner but did not boast as much when he later ended up offending China by commenting on their territorial dispute and later prove their foreign policy lapses by offending Trump!

If the average man thinks that these issues do not affect him, look at the price increases: parking charges and waste collection charges (which Leong Sze Hian dug and found an increased surplus)! Even though there is a drop in transport charges, it is not as much as the drop in oil prices!

Ask yourselves: has the PAP given you a better life since the last General Elections? If the answer is no, the PAP must be very thick-skinned to tell us that they wish to check themselves! Is this even right given their recent track record?

I can only conclude that they have gotten worse and need someone like the SDP to keep them in check!

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