What happens when too many students keng (fake an illness) Medical Certificates (MC) to skip their tests?

A sick and upset drama-mama NTU confessor told this sad story of what happens when doctors and nurses start to suspect their own students are using their MCs as an excuse to not take their work seriously.

“To be clear, this post is not to blame anyone. I’m just upset about the way things happened because I’m LITERALLY burning! And beware, it’s a very long post.
Really disappointed at the way Fullerton Healthcare in NTU treat their patients. I rarely go to the school clinic unless feeling effed up like shit. So today was one of those days, and so happens that I have a quiz tmr morning. For my entire uni life, I never fake-MC-ed a paper even if I knew I will score a zero for it.

First, the receptionist was complaining TO MY FACE about students coming to get their MC despite being not ill and that she should charge them higher next time. She dragged on the registration process while I rest my head on the table. I think maybe one long day of working is draining so I understood the complaints, but to the face of someone who is apparently sick as shit???? Even passerby asked if I was okay and whether I needed to move forward my appointment. I declined because everyone could be in a rush.

So after waiting for more than an hour, seeing people who came after me walked into the same room(honestly I dunno how the queue works), I got in, collapsed into the chair.

The doc said you look really bad, and asked what happened etc etc. Turned out I’m having a high fever close to 40. She went on to prescribe my meds, and I asked if I could have an MC for tmr?

She suddenly stopped writing and stare at me, asked, “Why?”

I said I have a quiz in the morning and I’m not sure if I can make it.

She continued “You students ah, start coming to get MC only when there is a quiz. Blah blah blah.”

I instantaneously burst into tears and couldn’t stop because I prepared so hard for the quiz despite not feeling okay for the whole day , “I didn’t want this. I don’t want an MC if I’m not THAT sick. Why do you guys have to say things like that? The receptionist was saying that too. People could be ACTUALLY sick.”

She was shocked and said,”Okay wow you reaction so big ah. It has been a long day, and I joke with other girls too. You can go ask them.”

I was still pissed because my parents are doctors too and for all these years never have they made their patients feel awful. So I told her bluntly, “I don’t like this joke.”

And she shrugged and said, “Okay fine then I’m sorry.” And she didn’t offered me a tissue so I have to wipe the tears on my jacket. Felt so helpless in the room.

“It’s okay. Thanks.” I left with the slip because partially I feel sorry for bursting out in a sudden. She could be very guilty now and I might have ruined her family dinner.

I’m so sorry. But it’s just now okay to joke with someone who feels like shit. Doctors are not replaced by robots for a reason.

The nurse who handed me the meds was very kind and smiling all the time asking if I was fine. So that concluded well. Otherwise I might just get into an argument with them.

And to those who are getting fake MCs frequently. You might be smart to use it as a tactics. But there will be consequences, may not be you, but someone else. So next time, man up and take your quizzes if you are just lazy or can’t manage your time well at 20-sth-years-old.

Someone might be misunderstood or hurt because of your selfishness!”

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