Let us be honest. Singapore used to be an okay country in the past even with
the limited personal freedom we had. But now, it is a miserable place to live

You have foreign ‘talents’ snatching your jobs, school placement,
hospital beds, university placement, yet are given scholarships while you
struggle with high prices arising from HDB flats and COE prices. Little
wonder that so many people wish to migrate out of Singapore.

There are only two types of people who will stay put in Singapore: The filthy
rich and the down right poor. For the filthy rich including PAP ministers,
their roads are paved with gold. For the downright poor, they have no where
else to go. The middle class who are being squeezed left and right, top and
bottom, life becomes meaningless.

Do you know how many children are seeking psychiatric treatment? The numbers
are quite staggering. Do you know how many Singaporeans commit suicide each
year? The actual numbers would make you jaws drop in shock. Do you know how
many Singaporean children starve during recess in school? The numbers would
make you cry in shame.

All they tell you is you must retrain, upgrade yourself, but which minister
has upgraded themselves? I remember when Lim Boon Heng was a Minister, he
kept telling us we must upgrade ourselves. I knew he had a naval architect
degree, has he gone beyond this degree? Do people like Lee Hsien Loong ever
upgrade themselves?

I am no quitter but when they don’t pay heed to the ground, and the masses,
it is time to vote them out. We all are taken for a ride for too long!

Free Will
A.S.S. Contributor

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