Eugene Saw Yew Chin, 38, a self-employed man in the car industry, was sentenced to 10 weeks of jail after the courts found him guilty of causing hurt to Mr Sonny Tan Kheng Siong, 62, in a fighting incident along Countryside Road on 1 Nov 2014.

Mr Saw had admitted to pushing and kicking Mr Tan at about 2.38AM, which caused him to suffer a fractured wrist and alleged rib fractures.

On the day of the incident, Mr Tan was nearing his residence after a drinking session when he sounded his horn twice at Saw’s car, which was blocking him. This resulted in both men exiting their cars and engaging in an altercation.

The argument got heated, and Saw pushed Mr Tan. Both men attacked each other, but Mr Tan fell to the ground after Saw managed to punch him.

Mr Tan got up and tried to hit Saw, but Saw managed to overpower the victim and hit Mr Tan on the head several times until the victim fell on the ground. Saw then stomped on Mr Tan many times.

Mr Tan got up and after more scuffling, Saw delivered yet another punch to the victim and caused him to land with his back to the ground.

The two stopped fighting after family members intervened.

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