Hi All Singapore Stuff editors,

We refer to the story titled “Samsung Washing Machine Exploded in Bukit Panjang Flat” published in All Singapore Stuff on 10 November 2016.

Samsung has completed the investigation into the incident involving our washing machine. Based on the available information, the cause of the incident is likely due to moisture from the bathroom where the washing machine was placed, which may have resulted in a electrical short circuit to the washing machine.

Consumers are reminded on some of the safety recommendations for washing machine use.
– Do not install the washing machine in an area exposed to moisture or weather, or in an area which may be prone to water leaks. In the event of a water leak, allow the machine to dry naturally
– Do not operate the washing machine if the power supply cord is wet
– When cleaning the washing machine, do not spray water directly onto the washing machine and its parts
– Avoid exposing the washing machine to direct flame
– Do not use multiple appliances attached to the same outlet, as it may cause a power surge
– If the power supply cord is damaged, please contact the manufacturer


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