Singaporeans faced with the gloomy news of the PAP passing their amendments to the Elected Presidency nearly unopposed have something to look forward to now.

When this hot as f*** NSF decided to pen his advice column online, he didn’t expect that he would receive attention not for his words of advice, but for his photogenic good looks.

Yes, this man is a local who’s gone through NS.

He has done the impossible by making a Singaporean dude in sweaty green fatigues look insanely handsome.

Said one netizen, “This hot NSF wrote a blog post to advice enlistees. he is receiving so much attention at the moment forget about the cisco & bank guy already! he is better!”

One jealous male netizen commented, “what if just a model posing with the uniform? the blogger might actually be a fat ah pui laughing at all you stupid women.”

Netizens first reported his blog post here:

Of course no one paid any attention to what he was saying, they just wanted a glimpse of this god among men.

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