In May 2015, a German national cut queue and boarded a taxi when it was actually a couple was in line to board.

Michael Fritsch boarded the taxi before the couple could do so. He demanded to be driven to Balestier. However, the taxi-driver Mr Low Chong Peng said the couple was first in line and they should board the taxi, not Fritsch.

Fritsch, head of business operations Asia Pacific region of T-Systems Singapore insisted that he should have priority to board the taxi as he “pays $40,000 in taxes to the Singapore government every year”.

When Mr Low finally agreed to take Fritsch to Balestier, Fritsch refused to give the exact location and he refused to get out of his vehicle. When the taxi driver turned to inform Fritsch that he was calling the police, the German punched him. Fritsch then alighted from the taxi and left before the police could arrive.

The punch left Mr Low with a swelling for 5 days. Fritsch was arrested 5 days after the attack.

Last month, Fritsch paid Mr Low $1,675 in compensation and handed over a letter of apology.

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