Dear Editors,

I am utterly disappointed with the transcab service. I simply don’t understand how can driver be so desperate for money. I paid the driver using my Nets card, with the machine showing that it is approved. He claims that it wasn’t approved. I then log in to my banking application to show him the evidence that the transaction has already been through. When I tried to show him, he not only hit my hand off but keep extorting me and my companion to paid the fare which has already been paid.

He then started horning his car around my district trying to seek for attention while embarassing me and my companion. When I tried calling the police, he started horning more aggressively preventing me to communicate with the police officer. He then started using vulgarities at us and threatened us to not call the police while taunting my male companion into a fight which I prevented in the end.

I am wondering is taxi driver nowadays so aggresive and desperate? Are the transportation services losing their service quality? Why are we paying but yet victimised? Just for the public notice, You could prevent being victimised by not taking his cab. The following attachment would be his car plate number and prove of my transaction.

Upset Taxi Passenger
A.S.S. Contributor

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