A 64-year-old retiree fell down at the Bishan MRT station escalator. He hit his right brain and is still unconscious for the last 3 days. His family fear he would remain in this vegetative state.

The incident occurred last Saturday around 11:30 am at Bishan MRT station. 64-year-old Lin Ruilong was going up the escalator where he suffered a fall and fell into coma for 3 days.

The victim’s son, Lin Jiafu (46 years old, odd job labourer) told reporters that his father took the MRT home that day and was heading towards exit D.

“My sister received the police phone call, only to find his father in critical condition, so we rushed to the hospital as soon as possible.

Lin Jia Fu said that his father suffered serious brain damage, resulting in blood clots which the doctor must be removed. Although temporarily out of danger, the victime is still in a coma and need to stay in intensive care unit under observation.

The son added, “Father’s right hand and body occasionally responds, but the doctor said he may remain a vegetative state.”

After the incident, Lin Jiafu understood from SMRT that his father was getting on the esclator when he fell backwards. After that his father climbed up and continue to take the escalator and fainted once he got off.

“Our family is the most hope is that his father can wake up, and then recovered as soon as possible.”

Police inquiries revealed that a 64-year-old man was admitted to TTSH Hospital in a coma after receiving the notification.

Lin Jiafu told reporters that his father had acciddents at SMRT stations for consecutive 2 days and he hopes SMRT can give him some answers.

“My father fell is because the escalator speed is too fast, or there are other reasons, we hope that SMRT can look at the CCTV and investigate, after all, my father was hurt really bad.”

SMRT said they regret this unfortunate accident and they have contacted the family and provide assistance.

The incident is still under investigation

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