Recently in my door knock mission i came across this family of 8 kids and a single mum residing at yishun. Madam M is a 34 yrs old mummy who is currently going thru a divorce with her husband who is in prison.

She is a mother of 8 kids the youngest 3mths old and her eldest is 14yrs old. Madam M cant go out to work as she is needed to care of her 3 younger kids who are not in school yet.

Mdm M is currently waiting for her rental flat which was allocated to her after she facebook the prime minister.

She is shifting into the flat on the 23rd of Nov. She is in need of all basic household nessicities as her 4 room was sold due to bank repossessment. After settling the bank and all her other bills as shown in her lawyer bill, she only had a sum of $3000++ balance. She used the funds to pay her urgent bills and uses the rest to support her 8 kids and pregnancy. She lost her job in 2015 and has been using this money to pay for daily expenses.

Her outstanding Pub bill is at $2500++ although she has been using Payu since September 2015 till selling her house.

With no source of income and Sso Still processing she urgently needs funds for their daily expenses and outstanding bills as these kids only have their mother to turn to.

I saw a 13 yrs old cooking a simple meal of rice and soya sauce with egg for the younger kids. I saw a 10 yrs old taking care of 5 younger siblings. Although in difficulties these kids are so close and gave nice beautiful smiles to me.

I hope we can come together as 1 people 1 nation 1 singapore to assist this mum get back on her feet.

Click on the link below to help this family out

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