It has been almost a year since the last General Election and a Parliamentary session is currently on-going. From a neutral observer’s perspective, the answers given in Parliament insofar do not speak very well of the quality of PAP’s leaders and the state of Singapore’s democracy.

Yesterday, MP Intan raised a question over the case where some students were registered for the wrong exam paper. While their scores were later taken from other factors such as prelim results, Minister Ng replied that the papers “largely comparable” and said it is unlikely to happen again.

While I am in no position to comment on this ‘similarity’, the facts that taking a paper at your own free time is drastically different from taking the same paper under stressful conditions. To make matters worse, these are 16 year-olds who are likely to panic not knowing that is going to happen.

Is this fair? Why didn’t the Minister comment about the fairness as well as the actions taken against those who made the mistake? Ownself-forgive-ownself?

Also, Khaw said that he has no idea what is behind the mysterious “signals” causing the train breakdown and will have to work on an elimination basis. As it is, Singapore’s key transport executives are already being paid much more than their HK counterparts who manage a much better system more efficiently.

Who are you trying to kid that we can pay top dollar but accept less than convincing answers to the problems that is plaguing our infrastructure?

Next, we have the issue of how easy is it for PAP to push through their policies.
While the issue of who becomes President may not mean much for your average Singaporean, the fact that changes to the EP was passed with such an overwhelming mandate speaks strongly.

In 2013, we had 77-13 when passing the while paper because of the PAP’s party whip! Now, we have 77-6! Should Singaporeans be more convinced about the need for more checks and balances?

Clearly, it is disturbing that we have Ministers who do not give a convincing answer in Parliament and yet their party is given the power to make changes because of their large Parliamentary majority.

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