Guys pls share and make sure all “MALA XIANG GUO” in singapore does not cheat your money!

Last week, i was having my dinner at hougang mall food court and decided to order mala xiang guo. But to my surprise, this store is different! When the China lady took the food that i pick and going to weight it. She place the food heavily on to the metal plate for weighing. She does not wait for the weight to rebounce back and stable down then press the enter for the price. She just throw hardly onto the weighing scale and fastly press the enter key!

I took only 4 piece of shabu meat, and the machine shows that the amount to $5.20. And to everything i order added up amount is $20.20. She took my card from my hand and make the payment herself. I was so shock! And i request her for a re-weighting for all the food i took. She give me excuse like “the metal plate is all different weight” “if every customer want a re-weight, it will be so troublesome”. Others queue behind me also said to her, if u did nothing wrong, why dont u dare to re-weight all the food i order. After that her supervisor came out, and agree on the re-weight. But the China lady resist and mumble something to him. Then the supervisor told me, nvm. We don’t do ur business, we will REFUND you! Its means that something is wrong, she don dare to re-weight even though her supervisor ask her to do so and refund me back the money in the end.

Everyone is having a hard living in singapore! We will pay for what we order but how do they expect we pay for something we did not order that much and only is adding up the money as they use their ways of making the thing heavier by putting down the food in the weighting scale hardly!

A.S.S. Contributor

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