A video clip showing a teen being beaten up by 2 other boys at a staircase landing has more to it than meets the eye.

The brutal beating took place at 10pm on Saturday on the 8th story of a block in Potong Pasir.

A teenager in a red shirt and his friend wearing a white hockey jersey with a Saints 33 wording were captured beating up a boy in black.

Reporters met the victim and his mother in their flat in Potong Pasir yesterday. The victim admitted that he hung out with a “group” while his attackers belonged to another “group”.

The victim said that he met with his attackers to settle “some issues” but did not say anything else about them.

The secondary 2 victim, who gave a statement to the police on Sunday, added: “I’m not angry at him (the boy who stamped on his left thigh). It has already happened.”

In a phone interview, the attacker in the hockey jersey alleged that the victim had provoked him first.

The secondary three boy, who insists he does not belong to any “group”, said he lost control when the victim “kept boasting he belonged to a big group.” He added that the victim “also said insulting things” about him and his family.

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