A Singaporean family who was attacked by a group of motorcyclists on the Malaysian North-South Highway.

They were driving from Malacca back to Singapore in a Singapore-registered Mercedes Benz when a motorcyclist rode next to their car and kicked the side mirror on the driver’s side.

The driver of the car, Mr Jay stopped the car when the motorcyclist fell. He was shocked. Before he had time to react, another rider appeared and hit his car several times with his helmet and hands. The rider asked Mr Jay to step out of his car and tried to open his car door but the door was locked.

Within seconds, five other motorcyclists stopped in front Mr Jay’s car and demanded that he stepped out. For his own safety, Mr Jay remained in his car.

He managed to drive a little to nudge his car forward slightly in spite of the heavy traffic.

However, the 10 over motorcyclists began to chase after him.

One of them carried a 1.5m wooden pole and he was about to smash the already cracked windscreen. When Mr Jay saw that his windscreen was about to give way, he stepped out of the car as he was concerned for the safety of his family. Mr Jay was travelling with his sister, an elderly aunt and her child.

Mr Jay was beaten up. When the motorcyclist with the pole was about to strike him, 5 other members of the gang stopped the fight. They demanded RM 2000 as compensation for “causing the accident” with their friend. They wanted Mr Jay’s passport as well.

Mr Jay gave the gang SGD650. They demanded for his mobile phone. All of a sudden, the gang fled as quickly as they had appeared.

Within a minute, the police appeared. Mr Jay and his family then filed a report at the Kulai Police station.

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