After lighting struck a neighbourhood in Clementi, a fire consumed the roof of a bungalow.

On Thursday (Nov 10) evening, after the roof caught fire, neighbours tried to alert the occupants of the house in Sunset Place but to no avail. Foreign workers who were working at another house climbed over the gate to alert its occupants.

The owner of the bungalow, retired surgeon Peter Tan, 80, was shocked by the fire. He left the house with a painting and a piece of luggage which contained important documents and passports. He lives in the house with his wife and their nine cats.

The SCDF dispatched two fire engines, a Red Rhino and two supporting. Upon SCDF’s arrival, the fire had already consumed the second storey of the house. Flames were coming through the roof.

One neighbour said that lightning was a common occurence in the neighbourhood.

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