PM Lee has taken to Facebook to ‘congratulate’ Donald Trump on his election victory.

But judging from his FB post, our PM appears to be insincere and ‘buay song’.

Congratulatory or a commentary?

Lee was clearly trying to self-explain Trump’s miraculous election victory and he still hasn’t got over Clinton’s loss.

I recall PM Lee had written a condolence letter** to the sons of JBJ on his passing; the condolence letter was anything but. In the letter, PM Lee actually made personal attacks on a dead person as if JBJ were still alive.

His congratulatory post and condolence letter both reflect a leader who is unbefitting of his stature as head of Government, unless small mindedness, insincerity and vindictiveness are attributes of a leader.

Grow up and learn to be impersonal when representing Singapore as head of state, OK?

** PM Lee’s ‘condolence’ letter attacking a dead man.

30 September 2008
Mr Kenneth Jeyaretnam
Mr Philip Jeyaretnam

Dear Kenneth and Philip Jeyaretnam

I was sad to learn that your father, Mr Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam, has passed away.

Mr JB Jeyaretnam was a Member of Parliament for Anson constituency from 1981 till 1986, and a Non-Constituency Member of Parliament from 1997 till 2001. He used to engage in heated debates in the House. Perhaps it was because he and the PAP never saw eye to eye on any major political issue and he sought by all means to demolish the PAP and our system of government. Unfortunately, this helped neither to build up a constructive opposition nor our Parliamentary tradition. Nevertheless, one had to respect Mr JB Jeyaretnam’s dogged tenacity to be active in politics at his age.

However, our differences were not personal. In 1993, one of you (Kenneth) wrote to Mr Goh Chok Tong, who was then Prime Minister, to say that you found employers in Singapore reluctant to offer you a job, and your only explanation was that the employers felt the authorities would not welcome your employment because of your name. Mr Goh replied with a letter which could be shown to prospective employers, to say that the government did not hold anything against you, and that employers should evaluate you fairly on your own merits, like any other candidate, because Singapore needed every talented person that it could find. Mr Goh had previously made the same point to your brother Philip, whom he had invited to lunch. I am therefore happy that both of you have established yourselves in Singapore.

Please accept my deepest condolences.

Yours sincerely
Lee Hsien Loong

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