It was reported that a lady had caused a collision when she tried to alight from a cab.

When Ms Amanda Tng opened the door of the taxi on the right, she did not realise that there was an oncoming car. The collision caused the door of the taxi to be dislodged. The other vehicle was badly damaged with deep scratches and a huge dent on its left side.

Travex, the company which owns the damaged car, sued Mr Zailani, the taxi-driver through its lawyer Ling Leong Hui for negligence.

Mr Zailani’s insurers, represented by lawyer Anthony Wee, named Ms Tng as a third party in the case. They are seeking to hold her liable for contributory damage payable.

In her defense, Ms Tng said she did not open the door suddenly and that the Travex driver should have seen the taxi when he was driving towards teh driveway. Ms Tng also denied that the court papers hvae been filed.

The District Judge presiding over the case has urged the three parties to arrive at a consensus among themselves.

Travex with bear 50% of the damage cost, Ms Tng 30% and the remaining 20% will be borned by the taxi-driver, Mr Zadilani.

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