Dear Editors,

Many Singaporeans have expressed shocked by Donald Trump’s victory during the US elections but should we be that surprised? This is nothing new, it happened before during GE2015.

Everyone, including political commentators, pollsters and “experts” expected the PAP to win by a smaller margin during GE2015 after the PAP’s poor performance during GE2011. Most expected WP to gain more ground and become a true check on the PAP.

Instead what did we see? More daft conservative Singaporeans voted for the PAP and gave them a landslide victory! Despite the multiple problems Singapore face, Singaporeans still choose to vote for this incompetent PAP government. WP also narrowly won against a suicide squad of PAP newbies.

PAP supporters who propelled the PAP to its biggest win in recent memory are just like the Donald Trump supporters who sent him into the White House. Despite the PAP and Donald Trump’s obvious flaws, these daft and blind supporters still give their full support.

They do not listen to reason and logic, they only hear what they want and give in to sweet talk by these candidates during election time. They do not think for the long term future of Singapore and USA. These are the pest that keep authoritarian regimes like the PAP and Donald Trump presidency in power.

Should Singaporeans feel surprised at Trump’s victory? Guess not because it happened to us during GE2015 too.

Singapore Critic
A.S.S. Contributor

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