Dear Editors,

When China tried to take control Hong Kong’s democratic process, Hong Kongers vehemently refused to give in.

“You will vote from these pool of candidates that we chose for you.”

Hong Kong rejected that choice. They staged protests. They held rallies. People were arrested, fined, and jailed. News outlets were silenced. Some reporters were allegedly beaten up. In fact, one woman was arrested for assaulting a police officer with her breasts. Wow.

But Hong Kongers did not give in. They demanded true suffrage. They fought for the right to choose their own leaders. They took charge of their own future and refused to let someone else dictate terms and conditions for them.

And what was China’s reason for being so intrusive? “We don’t want poor people to control the votes.” Yeah, shockingly, poor people are discriminated as being unable to choose for themselves. But we all know the real reason, if China’s ideal candidate was elected, many things would go a lot easier for them.

Secretly, some of us SGs are rooting for the HKers too, hoping that they could stand up to the bullying.

But what happens to Singaporeans then? What happens when one single unopposed party, decides to dictate terms unilaterally? “You will vote for one of the Conglomerate CEOs that we choose for you!”

Did Singaporeans reject that choice? Did they hold rallies? Did they do anything at all? NO!

Any citizen who has not committed a felony, should be eligible for running for presidency. If he can’t convince voters, he won’t be elected, it’s that simple. We don’t need terms like, he has to be an MNC CEO etc. But Singaporeans don’t need true suffrage. They prefer true suffering.

S’pore Critic
A.S.S. Contributor

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